WOW, a lot to unpack here (far more than I can fit in a BlogPost that our Marketing Team doesn’t outlaw 😊)! Many significant issues still affecting a majority of Manufacturing across the country, but also some grim signs of economic pressures to complicate those existing and lingering issues. BUT, as we always strive for the glass half full outlook, some really great – albeit massive undertakings – strategies to position your Manufacturing business to weather what could be a somewhat bumpy 2023. Our Team of course most definitely agrees with the need to focus intently and significantly on training and development as retention and recruiting tools – and our clients do an outstanding job of not only focusing on these areas, but depicting those opportunities well to us so we can convey them as attractions to their next generation of Talent for their organization. And these investments ARE paying off by resonating in a crowded Talent Marketplace and those companies are winning the race for such Talent! Sustainability programs and culture, decentralization, and an AI/automation Culture – all have distinct benefits as well clearly – but yet can be journeys, some very long, expensive journeys, depending on your Organization’s starting line – and perhaps even just to conclude those are not good fits for your business, industry or culture. We can tell you though that there is evidence in our Client base of successful attraction, recruiting and retention cases due to an Organization’s focus on these strategies – so there is hope in starting the journey! Which of these journey’s have you endeavored to begin or resume in your Manufacturing organization? What has worked well for you, particularly to drive positive desired Talent outcomes? 

The Top 5 Manufacturing Trends In 2023

Global manufacturing and industry are still reeling from the disruption of recent years, with supply chain and workforce disruption still key issues. At the same time, the world is heading into a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty. On the face of it, this seems to suggest slowing growth and declining profits are on the cards.

However, those who can successfully navigate these challenges while leveraging the opportunities offered by automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and other pillars of the “fourth industrial revolution” to drive innovation and modernization have everything to gain. With this in mind, here are my predictions for what will be the most important trends across manufacturing and industry over the coming year.


  • Investing in skills to tackle workforce challenges

  • AI, automation, digital twins, and the internet of things

  • Ongoing supply chain disruption

  • Net zero, ESG, and Sustainability in manufacturing
  • Decentralized Manufacturing