🚀Closing the Gender Gap in Manufacturing & Technology: Overcoming Barriers, Driving Equality 🌟

In this article our team selected to share & discuss, “Closing the Gender Gap in Manufacturing and Technology: Challenges and Solutions,” they delve into the persistent gender disparity within the manufacturing and technology industries. Despite the tremendous potential for growth and opportunities, women account for only a fraction of the workforce and leadership positions.

The article highlights the key challenges contributing to this gap. These include societal stereotypes, limited exposure to STEM education, lack of representation in media, and work-life balance concerns. They explore how these factors shape career choices and impede women from entering and thriving in these industries.

However, the article also offers a glimmer of hope! It presents strategies and solutions to address these challenges and promote gender equality. From empowering young girls with STEM education to creating flexible work environments and fostering diverse leadership, we have the power to reshape the future of manufacturing and technology.

By embracing change, promoting inclusivity, and holding ourselves accountable, they feel we can bridge the gender gap and unlock the untapped potential of women in these fields.

What do you think? We’d love to hear more about your experiences with this topic in your Manufacturing organizations!!

 Read the full article: https://www.sme.org/technologies/articles/2023/july/tackling-manufacturings-gender-gap/

Tackling Manufacturing’s Gender Gap


July 7, 2023  
By Jennifer Johnson
Manufacturing & Life Sciences Industry Lead,Avanade North American


Women make up only about 30% of the manufacturing and technology workforce, and they account for less than one-fourth of the sector’s leadership roles. Trust Radius provides further insight with research showing men outnumbering women in the industry by at least 2:1 and by as much as 5:1 in leadership and technology meetings.

The gender gap is palpable, affecting both men and women in the field. When asked if more women should be in manufacturing and technology, the answer is broad and swift: Yes! But advancement is underpacing that in other industries, and women fall out of these careers at a higher rate than their male counterparts.

While the problem is clear, there isn’t a single-threaded cause or solution. Girls don’t study science and math at the same rate as boys in school and are not covertly or overtly encouraged into manufacturing, STEM and trades careers by familial representation, media representation nor career advisors.

And, historically, job requirements haven’t meshed well with other responsibilities often prioritized by women, such as caring for children.


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